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This is one of my best-kept secrets. Plus a free gift!

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I have to be honest, I’ve been keeping a BIG secret from you.


A few days ago, a very special shipment arrived at Village Antiques.


It took days to unload and unpack the whole thing…


And when we looked at it for the first time, our jaws nearly hit the floor.


Because these antiques were unlike ANYTHING we had ever seen before.


As you know, we specialize in European furniture.


But when we looked at the beautiful pieces we had just received…


From far-flung locations like India and Bali…to incredible antique assemblage jewelry using vintage gems, rare antique diamond pieces, and the most exclusive personalized home decor hand made just for you [first name] (trust me you want to see this)


We knew that they would be absolutely AMAZING additions to our store.


Adding these stunning pieces to our catalog can help you create even more stylish flavor and add a wider palette of color to your home.


It also marks a huge “first” for Village Antiques.


So to celebrate, we’re having a party! You do not want to miss this!


It’s this Friday, May 19th and starts at 11 AM sharp.




Champagne is on the house.


And we’ll be showing off ALL of our new arrivals. Click here to rsvp.


But best of all, if you come celebrate with us, you’ll get a TON of freebies that will make it easy to decorate your beautiful home this summer.


Things like:


  • Our favorite summer styling tips (you’ll love these effortless tips to keep your décor fresh this summer)
  • 3 ways to spot antique furniture from outside of Europe…the simple tests our experts use every day.
  • Exclusive rare antique jewelry from (in all price points).
  • 3 tips to help discern if it’s antique jewelry or not (straight from our diamond expert).
  • The PERFECT graduation gifts for “her”…especially if she’s moving off to a new place. (I’m getting this for my own home!)
  • Our framing expert will share BIG mistakes to avoid when framing your art
  • Q&A – from 11:00-11:30 we’ll answer all of your design questions




If you register for the party now, you’ll receive a gift card to use in our entire store!


Click here to rsvp and join us this Friday at 11:00am!


Treat yourself to an afternoon of fun, inspiration, & champagne.


With love,




P.S. We recently collaborated with a long time jeweler and I can’t wait to share all her handmade, gorgeous pieces with you. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak of her items, and I think you’ll fall in love with them just like I did!


Click here to rsvp for you and a friend, we can’t wait to see you!

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