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Are you committing one of these design mistakes?

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When I was working as a full-time interior designer, I had the opportunity to see many homes all over Houston. Some big and some small. Some old and some new.


In many of these homes, there were some common design mistakes being repeated over and over again.


Of course, these homeowners weren’t aware of these design blunders – and some of them might surprise you.


Simply fixing these common “no-no’s” can give your space the designer touch it needs to shine.


In today’s episode of Amitha TV, I’m going to give you the insider scoop on:


  • Two insider hacks you can use to avoid buying OVERSIZED furniture
  • If you’re doing this drapery treatment “fail”
  • Which color patterns to avoid if you don’t want to be boring
  • How to avoid having a home that looks dated
  • How to know if your rugs are the right size



Did any of these design no-no’s surprise you?


Share your thoughts in the comments below!


As always, thanks for watching, reading and sharing!






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