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Get a trendy, organic look in your space

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Are you a natural outdoorsy person?


Or do you NOT have the “green thumb”?


Either way, adding pops of green plants and natural elements into your space can bring positive energy into your home. Green is proven to soothe and comfort you. And adding pops of green can dramatically transform an unfinished space.


One of the design styles I turn to when I want to create an outdoor oasis in the living space is to use Boxwood plants.


Boxwood plants are typically what you’d find in Versailles, The White House, Mount Vernon and other historical monuments. But you can integrate these hearty and durable plants into your own home!


Watch the video to see exactly how you can use Boxwood in your home to create an easy breezy organic look:



It’s one of my dreams to have a beautiful garden complete with a boxwood pattern.


What about you?


Would you consider adding boxwood to your home or garden?


Can’t wait to hear your thoughts in the comments!






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