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my summer crush

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I am working on a design project, and we recently presented our design to the customer. They had some great feedback and one interesting request was if we could find more “vintage art or something more soothing” for certain key areas.


Our work on this project can lead to an increase or decrease in our customer’s business so we had to think long and hard about how to approach this request.


As I went back to the drawing board, I wondered what direction should we go?


Well imagine my delight when a few days later we received a limited edition of new artwork at Village Antiques that exactly fit the bill. Not only did these pieces inspire me for my design project – I immediately wanted to grab one of these and instantly freshen up my home to create a more relaxed summery style.






Don’t get me wrong, this artwork is beautiful year round but the softer colors and the soothing scenery and subject matters immediately appealed to me for a quick summer update.





Here’s why these are truly a must have:


  1. They will compliment any interior, whether you have a light neutral palette or vibrant brights
  2. They are very calming and can instantly ground a space
  3. They are all original pieces of artwork, something personally very important to me. Imagine if people didn’t support original art – there would be no Mona Lisa!
  4. They blend perfectly to create a modern update when paired with antiques – a big design staple for me








So what do you think? Could you see yourself using one or more of these in your décor?


villageantiquespaitning-11 2


villageantiquespaitning-12 2


villageantiquespaitning-10 2


Leave a comment and let us know, do not be shy, start out the conversation!


All of these stunning pieces are available at Village Antiques, my go to shop for any decorating project! If you’re loving these as much as me and can’t wait to get one in your home, act fast, more than half have already sold out!


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Till the next time we meet, keep making your home amazing with you design gifts!





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