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When customers come to our store, they often ask me the same questions. Can I mix periods? Can I mix styles? Can I mix countries? The short answer to all of these questions is YES! When designing projects, I love to do all of the above. And one of my favorite ‘mixes’ is to combine modern art with anything old!

Have you ever looked at a piece of modern art and thought, “My 4 year old could do that!” Well my hubby and I sort of had the same feeling at first. But sooon after we got married, we signed up for a 12 week abstract art class, and it totally changed our perspective. Little did we know how much layering, balancing, and understanding of contrast and scale was needed. It gave both of us a deeper appreciation for the subtlety of modern art.
Today I find great joy in incorporating modern art with antique pieces. I love the juxtaposition of these styles as they really reflect how we live, incorporating ideas of classism and tradition with new home decor and new art. I’m a firm believer in supporting local and modern art. Without it, what will history books look back on

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and study about our times?

Take a look at the gorgeous abstract art above this pretty antique console. I love how beautiful it looks against the classic paneling, and with those elegant side chairs inspired by the classic klismos chair! This is a great example of bringing modern day to centuries’ old design.
via Pinterest
Or how about this entrance? Again, the contrast of the modern canvas against this Rococo console table is striking!
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Here’s another great example of decorating with pieces of different styles, possibly different centuries. I just adore all the movement in this great modern art piece contrasted with those all of those beautiful antiques.
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I love this grouping of five modern pieces with the classic Louis XVI fauteuils.
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But how do you do this when you are decorating from scratch?
The trick to accomplishing this is to find a piece that can work well with a piece of modern art. I love creating this look over a wider foyer table or a buffet – for which I would use an antique piece. These wider pieces allow for the width of a larger canvas, and give you the surface area to include a bigger, statement piece. If you look at the images above you will see that these wider consoles, demi-lunes and buffets provide the perfect backdrop for a large piece of artwork, which is what provides the drama, intrigue and gorgeous juxtaposition of old and

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Here are a few great modern art pieces that we have right now. Any of them would be stunning paired with an antique buffet or console.
On a smaller scale, these pieces would be perfect over a little commode.
So what do you think? Do you love mixing modern design elements with classic antique pieces?

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