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Insider Secrets to Fast-Tracking Your Home Project in 2 Weeks

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Feeling overwhelmed by all the home projects left on your to-do list?


Does it feel like that to-do list grows longer every day?


Can’t seem to dive in and get anything done?


We have all been there…


Between work and family, it can feel impossible to get anything done. Behind-the-scenes, I’ve been using two secret tricks of the trade to fast-track my home projects.


Insider Tip #1


If you see unfinished rooms everywhere you turn, it can be tempting to want to try to tackle them all at once.


The result? A bunch of barely-started rooms that make you feel frustrated and even more overwhelmed.


So instead of scratching the surface of several rooms –focus on finishing just ONE room. Get pieces that tell your unique story and reveal your passions. Because it is far better to enjoy one fully finished room that you can be proud of, than have a bunch of unfinished rooms.


Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 11.45.38 AM





Insider Tip #2


Break free from setting yearly home goals, and start breaking down your goals into what you can successfully accomplish in two weeks.


Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 11.47.09 AM


Why Two Weeks?


Two weeks is just enough time to provide you with the sense of urgency you need to get your most important projects done. It is also enough time to give you the sense of gratification that comes with accomplishing your goals. As you continue to move swiftly through your goals, you create the momentum you need to move on to the next one.


The key is to give yourself a project that you can realistically complete within 2 weeks between between work, carpool, travel, family time, and you time. You don’t have to finish an entire room in two weeks. Instead, you can start by just creating a shopping list for all of the pieces you plan to buy.


This Was My Two-Week Goal: Find All The Missing Objects For My Bookshelves.


Without the pressure of buying them or arranging them, I could focus my energy on this:


1. Fill in the empty areas with beautiful books, objects and art




IMG_1540 BS Star of Leyte Orchid



2. Tie in a cohesive color palette or styling throughout the entire room


3. Have more consistency and rhythm with these objects since my book collection comes in a variety of colors


By giving myself the freedom of just “looking”, I truly enjoyed coming up with a schematic for my empty pockets!


And that got me thinking about you…


If you’ve also struggled with filling in your bookshelves, here are a few things I’m loving for my library:


• Blue & white ginger jars


AI-B_W Canton Ginger Jar



• Large boxes





• Small vitrines


BS Boite Vitrine



• Antique art










• Fragments


AG-Fleur Fragment


• Crystal / glass bowls




• Stylish bookends


BG-405-99-14228 BS Scroll Bookends




The next step: Shop for these items!


Want some of these beautiful objects for your own bookshelves?


Call us at Village Antiques and we will be happy to put some aside for you before someone else gets their hands on them!


Now I Want To Hear From You:


Let me know in the comments what project you can fast-track within the next 2 weeks!


And before you go, be sure to share this blog with a loved one who is also struggling to complete their home project.


Till next time, keep making your home beautiful with your natural design gifts!


With love,




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