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Get Inspired: Styling Fireplace Mantels

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Your fireplace takes center stage in your home and it can enhance the ambiance of your room.


Picking the right design, materials, and mantel will ensure your fireplace commands attention while complementing the space.


But how do you know what pieces to pick?


And how do you select the right design?


In this video, I’m going to show you:


  • The shortlist of pieces I use when designing fireplaces.
  • Step-by-step, the exact order I use to design fireplaces from start to finish.
  • What scale of pieces I look for.
  • Exactly what objects I like to use – and how many!
  • How to know if your fireplace is “over-styled” or “under-styled.”
  • What pieces and objects to AVOID!
  • And more!


Just click play to learn how to style your fireplace:



How do you like to style your fireplace?


And what are your biggest challenges and frustrations when it comes to styling?


Share your thoughts and opinions below!






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