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Back By Popular Demand: Half-Yearly 50% OFF SALE

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Does it drive you mad every time you walk by that unfurnished room in your home?


No sooner than when you started the room, you’ve maxed out your budget. So now you’re stuck waiting up to 6 months or a year until you can get the next item. That’s why I created the Village Antiques Half-Yearly Sale!


This event was designed to help you get the items you need to finish your home, while also helping us make way for next year’s items.


At the event, you’ll enjoy perusing through furniture, antiques and unique decorative objects.


You get the same luxurious quality as you normally would – but for a fraction of the price.


Click below to hear more about this event.



There is just one catch – you MUST sign up for the event.


Register here for you and your friends today


Why? At our last event, almost one thousand people registered for the event (712 to be exact)! So this time around, we’re going to have to put a LIMITED on the number of reservations that can be made.


If you made it last year, you probably remember the long line that wrapped around the store and around at the cash wrap (hubby was very overwhelmed but happily so!).


Here’s how to register for the highly-anticipated Half-Yearly SALE:


When you register, you can choose between 2 time slots: the first time slot of the sale will be at 10am and the second at 1pm.


And don’t worry; you won’t be coming to a “picked over” sale. We bring in new items daily so you will get your chance to get new stuff whenever you show up.


Register here for you and your friends today


I’ve had an overwhelming number of people ask me how to select the “right” pieces so they can take full advantage of the sale. In response, I’m going to show you how I transform a space beautifully and cost-effectively.


Look out for a sneak peek into this very dramatic before and after which I will send out in the next few days.


I’m putting this together so you can see exactly how I put the project together and knew exactly what to buy.


Don’t forget, this is one of the BIGGEST sales of the season. And spots are LIMITED. Register now to avoid disappointment.


Register here for you and your friends today




P.S Most of us get so caught up giving to others this time of year – that we forget to give back to ourselves. Take the Half-Yearly Sale as your special opportunity to treat yourself and your family to a new space in your home where you can make memories to last a lifetime. 

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