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You don’t want to miss this ;) Biggest Sale of the Year

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Hi there!


The Village Antiques’ Half-Yearly 50% OFF Sale Is BACK


We’re about to hold one of our most highly anticipated events of the year! It happens just twice a year, and customers are so excited for the doors to swing open that they line up early…in the wee hours of the morning!


Come shop our fabulous Half-Yearly sale and enjoy up to 50% OFF selected – and highly coveted – French & European antiques, and much more!


Starting Saturday December 26


Okay, what’s the catch?


(In order for us to help everyone we must cap the amount of people that can start shopping at 10am!)


Click here to secure your free pass today. Bringing a friend? No problem, register them at the same time.




Take up to 50% OFF the season’s best items and get stylish & sophisticated design for less.


All items over $100—AT LEAST 20% off.

Specially selected items—an astonishing 50% OFF!


Doors open at 10AM


Come early to get first pick and avoid the lineup


You know that project you’ve wanted to finish or that piece you’ve been wanting?


Now you have an excuse. Get the pieces you’ve been dreaming of to complete your project!


Important: First Day is RSVP ONLY. It’s fun-filled and action-packed so don’t miss out! Register for your FREE pass at https://vahalfyearlysale.eventbrite.com


All of us including Michaele (our shop Manager), L’Oreal, Carlos, Rishika, Chemma and Walter are looking forward to helping you find that amazing object to help make an area of your complete & beautiful!


I hope to see you there!






p.s. Once you’ve registered please share this event on your Facebook & Instagram Page!

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