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Three Summer Style Hacks For 2016

post by Village Antiques

Is your home ready for the hot summer months?


If you’re like most of our customers, you want to know how to get your home prepped for memorable summer get-togethers with the ones you love most. But you’re not sure how to pull it all off without completely redecorating your home.


Getting your home summer ready is easier than you think. And to prove it to you, I’ve drilled down my best three summer style hacks that will turn your home into a stunning summer sanctuary:


#1 Use Oversized Mirrors


Nothing quite emulates an aura of casual elegance like oversized mirrors. An oversized mirror can immediately transform your space – even if you didn’t change a single item of furniture.












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#2 Bring The Indoors Outdoors


How? Simply add indoor furniture like these wicker chairs and barstools outdoors:









Love what you see? You can get your hands on these amazing pieces at our 50% off sale. But don’t wait because they won’t be in store for much longer!


#3 Integrate Summer Style Paintings


There is some artwork that just screams sunshine, blue skies and the summer heat. By simply adding these summer style paintings to your walls, you can bring in seasonal colors that create the perfect summer atmosphere.






Designer tip: Don’t have any more wall space? Start switching out artwork during seasons so you can be sure your home is always season-appropriate! It’s a small effort for a big payoff.


Before you get ready to join us at the sale, don’t forget to bring photos of your projects, fabric samples and dimension measurements so we can give you the best recommendations.


Our design experts will guide you step-by-step through the makeover process, and show you the perfect products that work for your budget. They’ll also be able to teach you how to effortlessly pull off amazing summer designs you’ll love.


We can’t wait to see you 🙂


With love,


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