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The Water Just Kept Coming

post by Village Antiques

My prayers go out to anyone who lost their home or their loved ones from the horrible floods this past week.


We didn’t have too much damage, neither in the store or our home, but please, keep those whose lives were disrupted in your thoughts.


We were lucky…


But, something weird happened while all the rain was coming down.


The antique furniture fairy dropped off a bunch of gorgeous old antiques and stunning décor objects.


And now we have a problem.


Since there was so much rain, we didn’t have as many customers this past week. Which means we haven’t had a chance to clear any floor space for these new objects.


It’s crowded in here—we need to clear some space NOW.


So, here’s the deal, if you come in before Tuesday the 3rd, you get 20% OFF* ALL NEW ARRIVALS.




If you’ve wanted to add some antique furniture to your to your home, but the price has held you back, this is your best opportunity to shop around before the price goes back up.


Because once we’ve created enough floor space, we’re taking this deal off the table.


Seriously, don’t put this off.


The minute we clear the floor space we need, I won’t be able to give you this discount. You’ll have to pay the regular, higher price.


So, come in and take a look at all our 20% OFF* new arrivals.


We can’t wait to show you around,




P.S. Antique furniture is so beautiful, and it can make homes look absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for this discount because I want as many people—including you—to experience first-hand how powerful antique furniture is.

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