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Peek inside this Manor House Estate in France

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I hope you’re off to a wonderful Spring Break this year! I know many of you are traveling, so this week I wanted to share a fun part of my last travels to France, where I got to visit a historical house museum. A house museum, you ask? You might be wondering what that is. As you know, France is home to so many incredible historical centuries old chateaus, palaces, manor homes, estates and more.


Most of these private estates open their doors for public tours so everyday folk can savor the beauty, craftsmanship, architecture and years – hundreds of years of preservation.


On any trip, I try to always include a historic destination and this time, I snapped a quick video with my iPhone so I could share this experience with you.


In this video, you’ll learn the history of the style of this manor – which is commonly replicated here in Houston. You’ll also see how the region influenced this style and all the details of a very classic design style, which many people still love today.


Also, this home had a neat wing with a very beautiful historical blue and white collection – which I adored seeing, as I hope you will too. Check it out here!




I hope you enjoy this blog, it was a very fun part of my last travels!


This year, I’ll be spending Spring Break moving back home after a lengthy renovation 🙂 So if you’re in town, be sure to stop by Village Antiques, say hi, and check out our new arrivals to help you with your Spring sprucing up!


Wishing you a wonderful Spring Break!


In friendship & love,




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