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How To Create Dream Tablescapes

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Fall is so much fun, the cooler weather bringing with many of our favorite holiday traditions and activities. There’s a generous spirit in the air, and a generous sprinkling of pumpkin spice over everything! And of course this is the time for another fall tradition I love – holiday decor! So this week I’m sharing some of my favorite holiday tablescape ideas.


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So what are tablescapes all about? Tablescapes – such as the one below – are fabulous table designs incorporating centerpieces, table decor, place settings, flowers, candles and special personalized touches. Creating a tablescape is a way to show and express love to your family and set an inviting and memorable scene for a traditional dinner.



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I like to start with the center of the table when creating a tablescape. First decide on a focal point. Look through your

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stock of platters, bowls and dishes for a starting point. This could be a simple basket of fruit, or tall vases, or other object of interest. For example, I love to fill my tall vases with colorful ornaments to create holiday centerpieces.

You could also opt for something like this lovely bin, which spans much of the length of the table. You might not think of this as a centerpiece per se, but look how it creates the perfect base to layer related objects of interest. This could be used for Christmas with a whole new color palette, and then again throughout the year for Valentines’ Day, birthdays and the like. Think outside of the box, and look for containers and centerpieces that can be re-used throughout the year.



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Next, add variety with height. I like to work in a set of small containers filled with fresh flowers. Instead of having one large centerpiece, consider having multiple arrangements sprinkled throughout your table. I try to use six to eight, depending on how many guests we have. And remember, the containers do not need to match. The more variety, the more interesting your table will look! Consider small pots, julep cups and the like.

A quick design tip: Look for containers with small or narrow openings. These will allow your flowers to stand up straight. With just a few simple blooms, you’ll be able to create mini arrangements that look like they have been put together by a professional florist!


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A good way to create a variety in height is with candles. Combine a few tall pieces with some shorter candles on your table.

Another great idea is to sprinkle natural touches throughout your table. These might be fruit, vegetables or even pinecones or branches. These are simple, easy to find, and help create a cozy, intimate look.

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Take a look at these tall branches, mixed in with low centerpieces all made of green florals. So fresh! You can see how working with a few simple floral arrangements, high and low, can help you create a stunning tablescape!



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Last but not least, if you have the time you can get really creative and create personalized place cards for your guest.

The main thing you should do when creating your tablescapes is work with what you have. Be creative and use those containers you’ve collected over the years, or old wedding gifts to create your centerpieces. If you don’t have anything suitable, invest in a few classic pieces that can be used for multiple holidays or birthdays. I love this tablescape created from this homeowner’s ginger jar and assorted creamware collection.


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Still not sure how to pull it all together? Join us on Tuesday October 23rd at 11 a.m. at Village Antiques in Houston, for a how-to on creating your own dream tablescape at Village Antiques. We’ll show you how to bring style and interest to your own table using these ideas. Just let us know if you’d like to attend!

And please share your holiday tablescape pictures with us! We’d love to share them on our Pinterest page.


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