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Want amazing summer style? This video will help.

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When you imagine your ideal summer getaway, you picture lots of laughs, amazing memories and good energy. Along with having great food, beautiful design can help you create that vibrant atmosphere you’re hoping for.


There’s nothing that quite gets you in the summertime mood like bright, bold colors and breezy earthy textures.But when it comes to summer style, there is one MAJOR design no-no I’ve seen far too many people commit…


…So I’m going to say it once and for all: Stop using a “theme” to decorate your space.


Instead, your space should tell your unique story.


But how do you make your story come together in your space?


And what colors should you use? And textures? Should you use antiques, should you use new furniture? Should you go bold or shy away from those statement patterns?


All good questions.I’ll cover all of that and more in today’s episode of Amitha TV.


Press play and discover how to create the ideal atmosphere for your home away from home:



Are you beginning to see how the feeling, story or tone you want to convey will come through in the pieces and finishes you choose?


Now I would love to hear from you. What do you have planned for decorating your getaway home? Share as much detail as possible – you will inspire others!


And if you found this blog helpful, please pass it along to friends, family and colleagues. By sharing you can help another loved one create a home they love too!


Share your amazing ideas and inspiration in the comments below.






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