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It’s one of my biggest pet peeves…


I feel terrible when people give up on their home. They may feel overwhelmed, not sure where to begin, or even dislike the pieces they’ve collected. They assume if they don’t have the big budget for a professional designer, they can’t have a home that LOOKS like it was designed by one.


Nothing could be more wrong! (I’m a designer myself, so I know a thing or two about this.)


All you need are the secrets my colleagues DO NOT want you to know. If you just put one or a few of these tips in place, you’ll end up with a home you’re proud to show off to your relatives and guests.


This season when you host holiday parties, instead of wondering what people are thinking, I want you to have total confidence that your home looks beautiful, loaded with style, class, and character.


Here are my two big secrets:


  1. Use furniture that is unique, fresh, and distinct. Especially antiques. (Do NOT shop catalog, or at least try not to fill your whole project with catalog pieces. Those pieces will blend in and have no impact.) When I find the right antiques for my project, they transform the entire room.


  1. Don’t think “What will OTHER people say?” Get the piece YOU fall in love with! Let me repeat: YOU. Your style, your character, your taste. Not only will it make you happy for years to come, it will make your home gorgeous to EVERYONE who lays eyes on it and is a true reflection of you!


Don’t underrate the power of antique furniture and décor! It works wonders and is truly the secret ingredient behind all of those magazine, Instagram, and Pinterest pics you love so much!


Upcoming Village Antiques Fall Event


We’re really excited to announce our upcoming event, The Village Fair, Saturday September 12 at 11:00 am, where we will display lots of amazing antiques, direct from Europe.




Get A 20% Discount

As a special earlybird bonus, if you reserve by August 31, you’ll get a 20% discount on any items over $100!*


This the perfect event if you:


  • Want your home to look amazing for the holidays, parties, and social events
  • Would love to feel like a designer just walked into your house and completely designed it!
  • Are intimidated by furniture shopping and matching, and would like the guidance of an expert


If you can’t wait to see our latest French arrivals, simply Click Here to reserve your spots.


At Village Antiques, we will help you find the perfect fit and teach you how to create a designer look. If you get overwhelmed when you shop, this event is the perfect cure.


Our exclusive event, The Village Antiques Fair, is Saturday September 12 and starts at 11am. It is invitation-only, so you must RSVP to attend. You can select from two different time slots. (We keep the crowd small to guarantee highly personalized service.)


Stunning antiques, sea-shipped directly from France, will be unveiled at 11 am Saturday September 12.


If you want your home to be stylish and stunning for the holiday season, reserve your spot now, before they’re gone. These pieces are the most attractive, easiest, and least expensive way to make your home a designer work of art.


But hurry. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!


Tickets extremely limited. Click Here To Reserve A Spot Today, And Get Your 20% Earlybird Discount on items over $100!*


In friendship,





p.s. Our customers anxiously await this exclusive invite to see these one-of-a-kind items. They literally line up out the door, because once it’s gone…it’s gone! Reserve your spot today.


Go here to register: villageantiques.eventbrite.com

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