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Progress pic of my home + 2 workshop dates announced

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We’re finishing up the final touches on our home renovation and I’m happy to report we’re finally making some major progress on my home. I’ve spent the last few weekends unpacking, organizing to the hilt, and getting ready for the next step – adding décor to those empty pockets!


Here’s a pic of the guys finishing installing our antique French limestone flooring!




Nothing feels better than moving forward in your home. Every family member can appreciate an organized, inspiring home. However, have you ever felt stuck in your decorating process? I’ve certainly felt that way over the past 2 years. Every decision takes so much time, there are so many options and you’re wondering if you’re making the right choices and will you love it for years to come?


I wish there was a simple process for every part of decorating!


That’s one thing I love about our Amitha Verma Chalky Finish Furniture Paint – we’ve taken all the guess work out of the entire process. If you’re ready to get unstuck and make some major progress in your home, while having fun and enjoying the process one of these next two workshops is a must attend event for you!


The Essentials – For Beginners to Amitha Verma Chalky Finish Paint


Essentials [FREE]. New to the world of chalk furniture paint? Then this is the class for you. You’ll learn the fundamentals about our products—everything from our step-by-step process to applying the paint, drying times, how to select colors that work best together, mistakes to avoid, and additional pro secrets and tips.


We guarantee that this workshop will let you recreate your favorite designer looks in under 2 HOURS (versus weeks). It’s our most popular option, and what we recommend to beginners.


Click the Register button to secure your spot or the image below:





Beyond Basics – (only 2 spots left)


Beyond Basics. Have the basics down? Then this class is for you. We’ll dive into more advanced topics that will give your furniture the professional POP and finishes to set it apart from the hobbyists. You’ll learn how to use our antiquing glazes to create furniture that looks antique and expensive…even if it’s brand new or a bargain find.


You’ll also be shown the fundamentals of distressing. If you truly want to give your furniture that “old-timey” vibe, then it’s absolutely VITAL you learn how to distress your paint.


You’ll leave the class with samples and your very own painted decorative object. Plus, you’ll learn 2 bonus tips that we don’t teach any other class.


Click here to Register or the image below:




All of our classes are chockful of information, tons of fun, exciting and inspiring. Learn how to decorate your home and have fun during the process!


But they fill up fast, so sign up now before your spot is gone!


Looking forward to seeing you soon!


In friendship,





p.s. spots are extremely limited in this exclusive course series. Don’t delay, register today to avoid disappointment

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