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Updating a Room? Here’s My Antique Shortlist

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Do you ever wish you could get the stunning look you admire in ittonline  designer showcase homes? Do you ever leaf through glossy designer magazines and wonder how everything from the magnificent antique doors to the antique armoires and cabinets seem to magically fit perfectly into the space?


Today, I’m going to show you that you don’t have to be a designer to get that perfect, polished look.


In this video, I invite you to come behind the scenes to get a sneak peak of exactly what I select when working on a little or big home update.


Plus, I’ll also reveal:


  • The must-have pieces I literally scour the antique Burberry Wallets  scene looking for when doing a little home update.
  • The ONE piece you absolutely must include in any fabulous powder bathroom project.


Click below to watch the video now.



When you’re equipped with the coveted insider secrets I share in the video, you no longer have to feel like “it’s too hard” or you can’t do it. Take it from me, the little bit of extra time it takes to find these special antiques are well worth the trouble!


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