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My must have pieces to style kitchen shelves

post by Village Antiques

Want to create a unique pocket of design in your home?


Your kitchen bookshelves are the perfect place to express your artistic side and capture your unique style.
Not sure how to style your bookshelves?


Tune in to today’s episode of Amitha TV to discover:

  • The colors and textures you can use in your bookshelves
  • My go-to list of items I use on any bookshelf project and the specific sequence I add the items in.
  • The part of the shelves you should design first


After the episode, you’ll be able to design your kitchen bookshelves with style and flair.



Are you missing one or two items?


Be sure to stop by Village Antiques and look for some one-of-a-kind items that express your style. Or you might even want to take a few objects that you already have and give them a quick transformation with our signature paint!


Also, download this FREE worksheet that you can use to guide you to styling your bookshelves like a pro!


Download your FREE worksheet here


What items are your favorites for kitchen bookshelves? Leave a comment to let us know!


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