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Mixed Drinks = Home Furniture (TV Special)

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What do mixed drinks and your home’s furniture have in common?


They both need to have the perfect blend of ingredients.


Too much mixer, or too little alcohol, and your drink won’t taste good.


Too much antique furniture, or too little modern décor, and your house will end up looking like a museum.


So how do you blend the two elements flawlessly? Well, I actually answered that exact same question on Great Day Houston. If you missed it, you can watch it here:



I felt so honored getting a chance to be on Deborah Duncan’s show. I was scared at first, but the audience was so welcoming and so high-energy that I just couldn’t help but have FUN! In the show, I shared how to:


  • INSTANTLY update even the oldest 19th century piece and make it a wow statement in your home (if you have some old pieces around your home, don’t miss this tip).
  • ALWAYS build-in the perfect spot to feature “collections” and how to leverage that spot to add in new or seasonal collections so you can keep changing your decor till your heart’s content.
  • THE ONE antique you can’t go wrong buying. Trust me—you’ll find a spot for it in your home and it’s something you can repurpose if you move to another home.


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P.S. Click here to watch our show on Great Day Houston.


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