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I have a surprise for you

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Three words: 20% OFF STOREWIDE!


If you come into Village Antiques any time between now and July 30th, you can take your pick of our entire inventory….


Like our beautiful tables…which are the perfect centerpiece for your living room.


Rustic dressers that will make your bedroom feel cozy, refined, and elegant….


Old-fashioned mirrors…full-length or wall-mounted, they’ll add the perfect touch of uniqueness to your interior decoration.


And many more!




It’s rare that we ever do a discount like this. Our products are simply too rare, too hard to find, and too beautiful for us not to charge what they’re worth.


You may not know this, but we travel around the country and the world hand-picking the best antique furniture. So you’re not getting an “antique” piece that was actually made in a factory overseas…


Well, it might have been made overseas—in a small village in the southwest of France, nestled at the bottom of the Alps. Where the family who made it hand-carved it over 150 years ago.


When you visit our store, you’ll find pieces like that, as well as antiques from other countries, time periods, and design aesthetics. We’re Houston’s #1 antique dealer, and we take pride in only giving you the finest quality furniture.


So come on in for the 20% Storewide Discount! And don’t forget to bring pictures of the rooms you are trying to decorate—our knowledgeable staff will help you pick the perfect piece of furniture for your situation!


In friendship,


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