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How to tackle your unfinished home projects

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Have you ever been hesitant about inviting people over to your home out of embarrassment? Maybe you’re still uncomfortable having people over?


I’ve been there. And one of my dear old friends from my law school days is currently going through a similar experience. (Yes it’s true: in a former life I spent my days writing pleadings and legals instead of design blogs!)


As we sipped our coffee, he confided in me that he and his wife bought their dream home a few years ago. But sadly, she was really frustrated because they haven’t furnished it yet. My heart instantly broke for her, because I know the feeling all too well.


Imagine the excitement of closing and moving into your very own dream home, and then feeling too embarrassed to invite people over!


You can stay stuck in that perpetual cycle of shame for years, or you can tackle it head on. And the solution is easier than you think!


Here’s the first big issue: Lacking a vision and plan. When you have a plan or vision, you can take major advantage of clearances, sales and one-off events.


Need help creating a plan?


I have got you covered! Be sure to download my easy room planning worksheet>>> Amitha’s Dimension Guide How-To


And the timing couldn’t be better to take advantage of a major clearance sale because you’re invited to our 50% OFF Half-Yearly Sale on Saturday, May 30 at 10am or 1pm.




Come join me and take advantage of fabulous finds at 50% OFF at this not-to-be-missed event.


When you register here, you’ll have the opportunity to pick the time that works best for you.


See you at 10AM or 1PM.


Also, be sure to stop by Village Antiques this Friday from 11am – 2pm to help us support an incredible organization called Covenant House.


Bring your design questions and get FREE design expertise from not one, but three award winning designers. All of these incredible designers have come together to help support this great cause. Be sure to bring your images, fabric swatches paint questions and any other burning design questions!


And here’s the best part, a portion of the proceeds from the event will be donated back to help support the very important work Covenant House does for the community.


I look forward to seeing you Friday!






P.S. This is the best time of the year to finally finish your home and get it “summer ready.” So register right now before it’s too late.

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