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How to Select the Perfect Flooring

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Whenever I take on a design project, I love to create timeless, elegantly appointed interiors. I love to keep a classic style on the floors and then take bigger risks with more modern styles in my furnishings and decor.


My favorite flooring styles:


One of my absolute go-to styles for flooring are beautiful reclaimed stone flooring.




The classic, elegant and live-able style you can get this from flooring makes this one of my top choices!


What I love about this style of flooring is the chipped edges, the variation in color and the forgiveness it gives you (to help with little feet, toy cars, pets and more).


image 1


The more the flooring gets worn and used, the more beautiful it looks! I wish more things in life were that way!


I love using large scale patterns to truly create a design statement on the flooring like this large, overcalled versailles pattern and these rectangle shaped pieces versus a square pattern.




Reclaimed Wood


In the same spirit, my next go-to option is reclaimed, hand-scraped hardwood flooring – or at least the “look of reclaimed” flooring.


This adds instant age and character to any project. There are certain homes (old and new) that aesthetically benefit from gorgeous hardwood floors.


In my on home, we had long plank wood floors for many years and it created such a warm, cozy space.


My design tip – select at least 5”wide planks or wider for a truly beautiful style.


image 2


Pattern Play


Whenever I’m looking at a floor plan, I always look for areas where I can add a lot of visual interest by creating a pattern. I know what you’re thinking – $$$$ but this doesn’t have be expensive at all, you can mix and match stones, wood, tile and more to create tons of different interesting patterns!


Check out this flooring where I alternated the direction of the wood pieces to create a chevron pattern and really amplify this living room design.




Or this beautiful vestibule where we added a lovely design touch with these gorgeous hand-painted vintage style tiles.




Take a look at this stunning foyer pattern. We simply added a piece of stone flooring inside a wood pattern to create dramatic entrance.


image 3

Can you mix flooring?


I get asked this question a lot. I tend to select 1-3 types of flooring per floor. So you may have a main flooring that runs throughout your main living areas such as a wood floor and then switch over to tile in the kitchen and mudroom areas.


image 4


I would transition in places where it make sense to transition – areas where you might expect a different material, such as a bedroom, kitchen, mudroom or bathroom area.


So there you have it – those are a few of my must have choices within any home design project.


Within those broad categories, there are tons of options such as color and finish; at that point I let my customers’ choices influence the tone or direction of the finishes and color selections.


Till next time, keep working on your projects and making your home special with your design gift – it’s in there, you’ve got it!


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