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How to get unstuck

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Plant flowers…learn about flowers.


Paint the exterior of my home…find paint colors for my home.


Spruce up the kids’ backpack area….find someone to build out the mudroom.



It can feel endless and overwhelming. I hear you.

Here’s How I Keep Motivated Through All Of These Tasks


Instead of focusing on all of these tasks, to-dos, and the research, change your focus.


Instead, focus on the paradise of a garden in your own backyard! Or how it will feel to have an organized mudroom! (This would send me over the moon with joy!)


Watch today’s blog to see how you can reach one of these goals (or one part) today. When you’re done with this video, write it down and commit to it! By the end of this week, you will be thrilled with the outcome.


Be sure to watch till the end, I have a special surprise for you at the end of this blog!



Now, where to start?


Write down your one project in the comments section below, so it’s written down. I’ll start, so don’t be shy!


Know someone else who could use some help with all the things to do? Go ahead and share this blog with them on your Facebook page (they will thank you!)…


Till next week, get that project done and done!




1. Register for the FREE Deminar May 20th -New to the world of chalk furniture paint and want to see what is all about? Then this is the demonstration for you.


*Please note this is a demonstration only. If you want a hands-on experience we recommend the next workshop,  The Beginners Hands-On Workshop.


You’ll learn the fundamentals about our products—everything from our step-by-step process to applying the paint, drying times, how to select colors that work best together, mistakes to avoid, and additional pro secrets and tips.


We guarantee that this workshop will let you recreate your favorite designer looks in under 2 HOURS (versus weeks). It’s our most popular option, and what we recommend to beginners.


Click here to Register or the image below:




2. Beginners Hands-On Workshop  Are you new to chalk painting? Would you love expert feedback while you work hands-on on a smaller project before you dive into that piece of furniture or your kitchen? Then this class is for you!


We’ll dive into beginner and advanced techniques that will give your furniture the professional POP and finishes to set it apart from the hobbyists and the amateur look.


You’ll learn how to paint like a pro, seal for long lasting finishes, and use our antiquing glazes to create furniture that looks antique and expensive…even if it’s brand new or a bargain find. You will learn how to master all our tools and our must have tips throughout the process.


You’ll also be shown the fundamentals of distressing. If you truly want to give your furniture that classic vintage style, then it’s absolutely VITAL you learn how to distress your paint.


You’ll leave the class with samples, your very own painted decorative object and the confidence to tackle those bigger projects and know how to do “right”.


Plus, you’ll learn 2 bonus tips that we don’t teach any other class!


Click here to Register or the image below:




3. Advanced Hands-On Workshop-  Get ready to skyrocket your painting skills to the professional level. In the pro class, you’ll learn 6 never before taught complicated designer paint finishes!


You will learn:

  • Pro distressing techniques and the fail-proof Amitha Verma Antiquing System to create an authentic finish
  • How to layer colors to add depth and brilliance to your furniture. You will learn not just one but TWO techniques the pros use
  • Whitewashing techniques and Amitha’s secret dilution formulations
  • Wet distressing
  • The secret to signature finishes like dry-brushing
  • Amitha’s treasure trove of favorite techniques to make an ordinary, flat piece come alive with detail (this should be its own class)
  • How to recreate the beautiful French Country Style on your own furniture.


* It is highly recommended you take the Beyond Basics or the Happy Hour course before enrolling for the Advanced Pro Class. We will jump right into several Advanced Techniques. Plus, you’ll get to leave with samples you can keep referring back to for years to come.


Click here to Register or the image below:




4. Paint-a-Piece Happy Hour Workshop. Just want to have some fun but still learn a thing or two? Then come in with the piece you want to paint and a certified Amitha Verma teacher will show you how to paint the right way. You’ll learn how to avoid costly mistakes, we’ll help you with color suggestions, show you how to apply sealer and antiquing glazes like a pro, and give you expert tips and guidance. Bring a friend, make it a ladies afternoon or personalized party event! Perfect for private parties or fundraising events!


What’s more, you’ll leave with a finished product!


All of our classes are small, with only a handful of people. This means you get personal attention no matter which class you choose.


But they fill up fast, so sign up now before your spot is gone! Click here to register:






In friendship,



p.s. spots are extremely limited in this exclusive course series. Don’t delay, register today to avoid disappointment

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