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Our Exclusive Half Yearly Sale it’s back!

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Listen, I wanted to let you know about this before the word gets out.


We have a big event coming up on this Saturday June 4. We weren’t even sure if we would do it this year, because the last time we did it, so many people showed up that the event almost got out of hand.


But I’m rambling. You probably want to know what it is, right?


Okay here it goes.



On Saturday June 4 Village Antiques is hosting a 50% OFF SALE. For one week, some of the most popular items in our entire collection will be half-priced.


And any item that isn’t on clearance will be 20% off. So, you can definitely walk away with a steal!


The first day will be a FRENZY. We guarantee it. But the great part is that NEW arrivals come in DAILY during the sale.


If you’ve had your eye on a piece of furniture, want gorgeous antiques at low prices, or just haven’t had the budget to makeover your home, this sale is the perfect opportunity.


We’ll have designers on hand to answer ALL of your questions. You’ll get free, individual, and expert advice on the best way to makeover your home.


So are you in? Doors open at 10 AM on June 4!


Click here to RSVP. 


With love,



P.S. Bring photos of your projects, dimension measurements, fabrics, etc… with you so our experts can give you the best recommendations.


P.P.S. This event is a blast! So bring your hubby, boyfriend, or girlfriend with you:)

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