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Come check out our new Globe de Mariee, a perfect holiday gift

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Whenever I’m on an antique hunt, there are a few objects that compel me to stop, look and admire.


This stunning Globe de Mariee is one of those pieces:




The moment I saw it, I just knew I had to share it with you as yet another gorgeous holiday gift idea that your loved ones could proudly display in their home.




So why is it so special?


Well, aside from its beautiful, unique look, it has a beautiful backstory. And I love anything that has a backstory because it makes for an interesting conversation starter and adds a little piece of history in your home.


Here’s the story of the Globe de Mariee:


It’s a tradition that originated between the middle of the 19th century and 1914 in various regions of France.


Married couples used this globe to display pieces of their journey together starting from their wedding day, through to having children and beyond.




It was normally placed in the formal dining room and held the Bride’s Crown or Tiara. Then, as the years go by, the bridal couple could choose personal and meaningful items to display inside the globe to tell their unique story.


Often, small mirrors represented how many children the couple hoped for. Some couples even added little locks of their baby’s hair. There were also various symbols inside the globes that held strong meanings.


Here are some of those symbols and the meanings they hold:


The Bird: The symbol of Love.

Leaves: Longevity of the Marriage Union.

Orange Blossoms: Virginity.

Roses: For eternal love.

Daisies: For purity and innocence.

Ivy Leaves: Commitment to one another.

Lime Leaves: For fidelity.

Oak Leaves: For strength and longevity.






Would you like to have this incredibly symbolic and stunning antique in your home?


Or better yet, wouldn’t this make an incredible gift this year?


Stop by Village Antiques before it’s sold. These are a rare find and make the perfect addition to any home!


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