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A Comprehensive Guide To 2016 Design Trends

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Color Trend: Pale Blue


As you might know, Pantone annually announces the “color of the year”. Yet we rarely see Pantone’s color pick align with the colors we see trending in design. This year it’s different… The color of the year is: pale blue. We’re seeing a lot of blue tones in interiors (which I’m a big fan of!).





How to pull it off: Darker hues can be used for bold statements or you can go lighter to create truly calming & soothing spaces.




Smoky Glass


We’re seeing a lot of smoky glass this season: from vintage smoky glass mirrors, to smoky crystal chandeliers, and even sconces. Smoky glass is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of glam and formality to their project in a casual, subdued way.



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Available at Village Antiques




Each year, different seating trends emerge within antiques and decor. Last year, we saw a lot of settees and vintage style sofas – and these are still holding strong on the design scene.


IMG_0881 copy

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But this year, the luxury factor leveled up a notch with antique and vintage style daybeds. These are not just reserved for bedrooms but sitting rooms, morning rooms, libraries, studies, craft rooms, living rooms and oversized foyers! I absolutely love and adore this trend and this would be a must have for my home or any design project.


IMG_0883 copy

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Oversize Furniture


Done right, oversized and large-scale furniture can be proactive and stunning. We’re seeing the use of many oversized commodes as focal points as well as chairs. The trick is knowing when to use these larger scale pieces.



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Available at Village Antiques


How to use this trend: Use larger scale pieces in those tough to fill spaces such as niches. If you want to try to include larger sized pieces, get rid of additional smaller pieces and let those larger pieces take the spotlight.



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Mixing Metals In The Same Room


Design is moving away from using just one finish all throughout a room or even the home. For instance, in the past, you might have seen a home where all the hardware, such as knobs, drawer pulls, door knobs and faucets were all in the same finish like satin nickel.


pinterest.com 7433170555a9199b9df6c7e5eaa4a245

image via Pinterest


Nowadays, you see different metal tones on faucets and the cabinet hardware all in the same room. You may also see different metal tones on the light fixtures as well. I love this mixed, layered look – how about you?

pinterest.com 0d8ba39de22da26a8849094d7162f786

image via Pinterest


pinterest.com 7b6971a9ee6db55061a442ae70c51b6e

image via Pinterest


pinterest.com a27d93ef22027e0a18870641f599f6ec

image via Pinterest


How to pull off this trend: Have the same door hardware colors and finishes the same throughout your house and feel free to mix up the rest!


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