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No one is expecting airplane aisles to be the designer runways they were in the 1960s and ’70s, during emilio pucci, karl lagerfeld, balenciaga, linda quant, jean louis and valentino designed snazzy clothing for what were then known as air hostesses.But airlines start once again to use style and image to sell a new generation on the amazing idea that air travel can be cool even when you’re stuck waiting two hours in an airport. Virgin atlantic kicked off the new interest in fashion three years ago when the british carrier hired irish designer john rocha to give flight attendants their polished, red apt look.British airways last month hired designer of the time julien macdonald, famous for his sex ’em up style, to overhaul its 17 yr old red, clea and blue garb. At the same time, all around the channel, air france has denim duo marithe and francois girbaud producing the crew’s bland uniforms. In the states, upstart jetblue’s attendants ‘re looking chic in city sleek, midnight blue ensembles that garnered enough towards earn them a place in a recent exhibit about uniforms at new york’s museum at the fashion institute of technology. It’s the old debate:Is style typically wearer or the beholder? The effort to glam up air travel dovetails with our present-Day cultural appetite for anything retro.Old flight bags and tee shirts(And in addition from defunct airlines)Are hot sellers at vintage clothing stores from london to chicago, and 1960s era hostess uniforms are turning up on internet sites. “Most situations to do with airlines is a hot collectible these days, affirms philip martin, who has seen hipster attendance at his summertime airline expos in los angeles increase steadily over of late.And if everything that wasn’t enough, miramax plans to push out a a view from the top next year with gwyneth paltrow as a 1960s stewardess. Current fashions uniforms from the golden age, such as pucci’s psychedelic print leggings and scarf hats for now defunct braniff foreign airways and southwest airlines’ hot pants, white alligator hipster belts and go go boots, were grounded by the feminist movement in the 1970s.Stewardesses were desirous to redefine their roles as working women, instead of sex objects used to draw male customers. Skimpy outfits lost.Ralph lauren’s 1978 overhaul of yankee airlines’ uniforms marked the return of the sensible, navy inspired two piece looks of the 1930s and ’40s that now dominate the skies.The 1990s’ casual wave touched a few airline uniforms(Southwest’s flight family and friends may wear shorts, and alaska’s can wear culottes), But navy blue business suits have been the norm in most cases. Not that a few of today’s post feminist generation employees wouldn’t fancy something with just a tiny more va va voom. “Hot pants sound good to my advice, aeromexico flight clerk christina lomeli, 22, rumoured, casting a downward glance at her navy blue bamboo skirt, blue checked shirt and aztec print scarf earlier this week at los angeles airport terminal. “If they can grown man sit down and belt up with just a look, then they have personally done their job, On enter board Fashionable macdonald, recently of givenchy, hasn’t even finished sketches for the new british airways outfits, but he told the london telegraph a couple of weeks ago,”The girls will appear very sexy, and the men may be like strong heroes, That did not sit well with flight attendants. “Cabin crew are safety staff, not promotion and advertising campaigns and retailing tools, shot ralph lauren sweatersback the united kingdom’s hauling and general workers union, which scars 45, 000 civil air staff. “The standards[for clothes design] should be that they are comfy and functional,

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