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5 essential fabric patterns for your home

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One of my favorite things to do is to recline on my sofa and flip through designer magazines.


If you ever do the same, you’ll note that many of the gorgeous designer spaces feature rooms with “mix and match” fabric patterns. But if you’ve never experimented with mixing fabric patterns, the process can be very intimidating.


You’re not alone.


That’s why I created an easy system you can use to mix and match beautiful fabric patterns together to create an eclectic yet refined look.


In today’s episode of Amitha TV, I’ll walk you through the system I use to select fabrics for a project. Plus I’ll also list the 5 fabric styles I use in a project.



What is your favorite fabric pattern? Share in the comments below!


Do you feel confident you can pull this look off?


If you’re still feeling queasy about mixing patterns, I’ve created a worksheet just for you!


Keep this list of 5 Essential Fabrics with you when you enter the fabric shop and it will all start to click.


Download the worksheet here


As always, thanks for sharing with your friends, family and colleagues!






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